Visas and residence permit for foreign citizens in Spain

Our company assists in obtaining a residence permit (residence).

There are the following types of residence permit (residence):

Initial (for up to one year, with the right to renew for two years);

  • Ordinary (is an extension of the initial one, issued for a period of up to three years with the right to extend it for another three years, subject to legal residence in Spain for at least three years);
  • Permanent (is an extension of the usual, issued for up to five years, subject to legal residence in Spain for at least five years).


In connection with the unreliability of information existing on the market and misleading potential buyers, we ask everyone who wants to receive reliable data on the registration of a residence permit, apply for personal advice to the offices of our company.

The owners of our company have, among other things, a personal five-year experience of obtaining visas and residences and will explain in detail all the details of this issue.

Organization of an information and study tour for the acquisition of real estate in Spain

Meeting at the airport, transfer, accommodation

Informing the client about objects, their operation

Legal services, drafting a contract, checking, preparing a deal, notarization

Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan for the purchase, construction of real estate, opening a bank account, obtaining a foreigner’s number, making a deposit

Professional advice on any issues of interest to life in Spain